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Ann L Tucker

Ann L. Tucker is an author and historian, writing on the Civil War and US South through an international lens.


Dr. Tucker's areas of expertise include the Civil War era and US South, which she approaches through a transnational perspective.  She is interested in questions of southern identity and international influences; in particular, she wants to know how events in Europe helped shape southern identity in the Civil War era.  To answer these questions, her research studies the influence of European nationalist movements and the age of nationalist revolutions on the development of the Confederacy and southern nationalism.


Newest Born of Nations:  European Nationalist Movements and the Making of the Confederacy, by Ann L Tucker

Newest Born of Nations

Newest Born of Nations:  European Nationalist Movements and the Creation of the Confederacy (University of Virginia Press, June 2020) is available from your favorite bookseller!

Interviews & Talks

Virtual Book Launch, June 29, 2020

International Influences on Reconstruction

How did international influences shape Reconstruction after the Civil War?  How did white southerners' international perspectives on nationhood help them re-shape their restored American nationalism after the defeat of the Confederacy?

Current Research


Ann L. Tucker


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