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International Influences on Reconstruction

How did international influences shape Reconstruction after the Civil War?  How did white southerners' international perspectives on nationhood help them re-shape their restored American nationalism after the defeat of the Confederacy?

These some of the questions that Dr. Tucker is currently researching.

Tucker’s in-progress second project will extend her international analysis  of southern nationalism into the Reconstruction era to examine how former Confederates’ international perspectives on nationhood helped them remake their American nationalism in the post-Civil War era.  The first portion of this research was published as “To ‘Heal the Wounded Spirit’:  Former Confederates’ International Perspective on Reconstruction and Reconciliation,” in Reconciliation after Civil Wars: Global Perspectives, ed. Paul Quigley and James Hawdon (Routledge, 2018).

For a preview of Tucker's current research, check out her essay in Reconciliation after Civil Wars!

Reconciliation after Civil Wars. ed Paul Quigley & James Hawdon.  Essay by Ann L Tucker.
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