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Recent and Selected

jun 29, 2020

Virtual Book Launch, hosted by NEGAHC

Feb 2021

The Confederates Who Wanted to be Garibaldi, Last Best Hope Podcast, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford

Mar 2021

Confederate Ambitions:  Flawed Visions for a New Nation, VA Festival of the Book, sponsored by Nau Civil War Center UVA

Jun 2021 and upcoming

The Civil War:  Confederate Ambitions, American History TV, CSPAN

Public Engagements and Media

If you are interesting in having Dr. Tucker speak at an event or with your class, or if you would like to interview her or have her on your podcast, please contact her at

Dr. Tucker is also available to consult and provide expertise on topics related to the history of the Civil War, Confederacy, southern and Confederate identity, southern and Confederate nationalism, and Reconstruction, as well as on international dimensions of history

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